Jeff Lee Consulting can help you with every aspect of working with Jet Reports.  From installation to helping you design and develop a full suite of operational business reports, we’ve got you covered.  Below you’ll find a general idea of what types of services we provide.  If you have other needs, just let us know, we can help.


  • Determine which version and product (Express, Essentials, or Enterprise) is right for you
  • Install Jet Reports and create and manage data source connections
  • Create and manage cubes for Jet Enterprise


By consulting with you first, we will create a customized learning plan for your needs.  Depending on your resources and needs, a training plan may be just a few hours of introduction to teach you the basics of the product all the way up to a multi-day in-depth training course to teach one or more individuals to be fully capable report or cube designers.

Example training plan:

  • Introduction to Jet Essentials (1 hr)
  • Basic development of financial statements (2hrs)
  • Basic development of dynamic sales reports (2hrs)
  • Ongoing support for report tweaks and additional functionality (as needed)

Report Development

Many companies don’t have the resources or desire to dedicate one of their full-time employees to becoming a Jet Reports expert.  We will gladly help you develop a suite of reports for your needs with very minimal investment of time on your part.  You will work directly with a consultant to determine your reporting needs and the consultant will take care of the report development and deliver a finished product to you while you carry on with your normal job tasks.